Sunday, 4 August 2013

Cleansing Oil

I am loving using an oil based cleanser. By nature I have really dry skin and using an oil is so much more soothing than using an average face wash. It is so handy being able to cleanse and remove makeup with one product- great for taking on holiday! My eyeliner is usually really difficult to remove but it slides off when using oil.

The product that I am using is L'Oreal Skin Perfection cleansing oil. It smells amazing- every time I use it I get that holiday feeling. It is great at removing eye makeup. 

I apply two pumps of the oil to my dry hands and work it into my dry face, I do this for about 1 minute. Then in a downward motion stroke the oil over my eyes and lashes. I then rinse with warm water and pat my face dry.


* Water soluble (turns into a milky emulsion when water is added)
* Leaves no residue 
* Removes makeup quickly and easily
Dissolves stubborn eye makeup
* Great Fragrance
* Cheap - I bought from boots for around £3.00- it was on offer

Hope you enjoyed the post! 
love @zazz_talk  x


  1. £3 sounds like a great deal :) might have to keep an eye out for this! Thanks

    Lorraine xx

  2. Sounds interesting, but do you know if it works for all skin types? Or just some specific ones? I want to try it, but since my skin is combination/oily, using oil on it might not be the best idea?
    Anyway, great post! :)

  3. Hi. In my opinion I think that this cleansing oil will be great for your combination skin. I am not left with any residue after I have rinsed my face. This oil is likely to attract and pick up skin oils- like it does with my makeup.

    Let me know if you go for it.

    Love Zazz x