Thursday, 10 October 2013

Money on the Mind

I am back after some time out! I have recently returned from Egypt- a bit of gamble many have said - but I had a fantastic time. It was great to have spend some stress free time with my boyfriend and recoup.

On the last day of the holiday Money was on my Mind. Typical me had taken plenty of spending money and spent it! As well as spending on my debit card. On one hand I have had a great time and it was money well spent, on the other hand I feel like I need to get some control! I am back in the UK and keeping my head down for the rest of the month.

So what am I going to do about it?

I am going to start drawing cash out at the start of the week. This will help me to realise just how much I am spending. I am constantly putting things on my debit card from chewing gum to clothes! Drawing out a weekly allowance will stagger my spending throughout the month. Hopefully I will not be wishing the month away to get to pay day.

I was speaking to some friends and they all said that their main problem is paying for items by card. So I will see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

Love @Zazz_talk

Friday, 13 September 2013

The Big Chill

I am talking about The Big Chill aka Me Time... Read on to learn how important it is!

Every now and again I feel exhausted and overwhelmed with work, chores, (cringe but it does stress me out especially living with the Boyf) partying and the gym. It is just my body's way of staying STOP, relax please! When I do STOP and relax I feel 'normal' again and day to day life is peachy. I am such a strong believer in ME time and the benefits it brings.

ME Time does not necessarily mean being alone, (although that is my preference) it could be attending a gym class or going out with friends. Whatever you do make sure that the focus is on YOU.

What does me time result in; a happier, relaxed, kinder and happier you!

How do I do it?

~ 1.5 hours ~ Swim, Steam and Sauna
~ 1 hour      ~ Shellac Mani
~ 30 mins    ~ Bubble Bath
~ 20 mins    ~ Face mask

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Love @Zazz_Talk  x

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


I am so new to this! Just joined Bloglovin

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Cleansing Oil

I am loving using an oil based cleanser. By nature I have really dry skin and using an oil is so much more soothing than using an average face wash. It is so handy being able to cleanse and remove makeup with one product- great for taking on holiday! My eyeliner is usually really difficult to remove but it slides off when using oil.

The product that I am using is L'Oreal Skin Perfection cleansing oil. It smells amazing- every time I use it I get that holiday feeling. It is great at removing eye makeup. 

I apply two pumps of the oil to my dry hands and work it into my dry face, I do this for about 1 minute. Then in a downward motion stroke the oil over my eyes and lashes. I then rinse with warm water and pat my face dry.


* Water soluble (turns into a milky emulsion when water is added)
* Leaves no residue 
* Removes makeup quickly and easily
Dissolves stubborn eye makeup
* Great Fragrance
* Cheap - I bought from boots for around £3.00- it was on offer

Hope you enjoyed the post! 
love @zazz_talk  x

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Summer Beauty

Unless I am abroad I like to wear make up during the summer. However it is lighter that usual. Read my tips and avoid the makeup slide.


 It is important to continue moisturising even though you are using sun cream lotion. Our skin becomes drier after being exposed to the sun and air conditioning. Plus clothes are getting smaller and who wants white patchy legs! I am using Garnier Skin Naturals Summer Body Moisuriser Lotion Light at the moment, it has a gradual tanner which is great for when I get the pinns out. I use this every time I finish showering. 


Exfoliating every other day stimulates and renews skin cells. During the summer you will be using sun cream lotion, after sun and more moisturiser; exfoliating will help to clear the skin of excess oils and help you to gain a clearer complexion. I use St Ives Scrub for my face, I always feel really invigorated after using. For my body Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush- smells amazing.

SPF Protection

SPF 15- 30 is what you should be using. Choose a foundation that has a built in SPF. I use Benefits Hello Flawless. It has SP 25, and is a brightening foundation. If you can get away with less cover use a BB cream or tinted moisturiser (Jel!).

Keep makeup simple

Keep it simple - water proof mascara, lip tint and a shimmery blush and or bronzer
Avoid the makeup slide!

I also love wearing a bright coral nail varnish on hands and toes. 
I carry a Nivea chap stick in my handbag at all times.

Hope that you find this helpful!


Saturday, 20 July 2013


Selfish: devoted to or caring only for oneself; 
concerned primarily with one's own interests, benefits,    welfare,etc.,regardless of others.

My selfish aka Cray breakthrough.

I have been in a relationship for just over three years. When I first met Max I wanted him to spend all his spare time with me and looking back that was incredibly selfish. It bred from my own insecurities.
However my attitude was destructive and pushed my partner away. We were together but unhappy.

6 months into the relationship I relaxed, backed off and started to do more for myself and see more of my own friends. I was happier, and appreciated how important time on my own, and time my with friends was. In a way I was still being selfish but in an enhancing way.

3 years later we both appreciate that each other need their own time and time to be their own person. In fact this makes the partnership stronger. I wish that I had not been so selfish aka cray at the beginning but it happened and I certainly learned from it. 

If you are with a selfish partner, understand that they are most probably just insecure. However they do need to change and if they are not prepared to the relationship will fail. I am glad I had my breakthrough in the early days. 

So how can you stop selfish feelings interfering?

* Stop being focused on how you feel and what you want out of the relationship and start giving, you will notice that you will start to get more of a positive response. You never know he may turn down the beer session with the lads (but you have obviously made plans that involve cocktails by now!)

*Understand how having a selfish attitude effects your well-being. Selfish people are not happy, unhappy people are unattractive. You are damaging the relationship not protecting it.

Remember that the above points can be implemented immediately and they will start to have an instant affect.

@Zazz_talk  x